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Florida Boating Accident Leaves Five Dead, Nine Injured

It was reported that five people have been killed and nine injured when a pleasure boat crashed into a tugboat. It is unknown whether or not anyone was on the tug.

The boat had 14 people aboard when it hit the tug unexpectedly.

The boat was designed for only 12 people.

All of the names of the people have not yet been released by authorities.

Five people were killed and nine were injured. Of the injured, two are critical, one is serious and three are fair. There is no information with respect to the other three.

The general information available is that this was a very tight-knit group of people from California and Florida. They would meet occasionally for outings.

This particular trip they went to a place called the Conch House. It is unknown if there was any alcohol ingested but it is known that they picked up a woman there and took her with them.

One man who usually would go out with them is named Allen Oshier. He overslept and did not go. He indicated if there was alcohol they always had a designated driver.

The accident occurred in an area called “The Ditch” because the waterway narrows to about 100 yards.

What is known from survivors through Oshier is that the woman picked up at the Conch House was driving boat. The boat “came around” and headed for the tug. The driver screamed and the boat owner tried to steer away but it was too late.

At this time it is not known whether there was alcohol involved, what the speed of the boat was at impact and if there were enough life jackets on board.

That is information that will come out in the investigation.

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