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Extreme Power Boating

Power boat

Power boating is a very popular water sport that is growing in numbers all over the world. Power boats are most often used in formula boat racing tournaments by professional boaters and the beginnings of the sport can be traced back almost one hundred years. They are high performance boats designed to reach very high speeds very quickly. The adrenaline rush you experience when opening up the engine and feeling that raw power is unmatched.

Power boating requires intricately engineered hull designs so that they are capable of high planing above the surface of the water at high speeds without excessive wobbling. A good hull design is going to reduce the drag created when the boat contacts the water and allows the boat to plane much more efficiently which makes them easier to handle.

With it’s increase in popularity there are now over fifty-five different categories of power boats and many different makes and models. They come in variety of different designs and sizes. Some of the more well known power boats are the Hovercraft, Runabout, Power Catamaran and the Bow Rider, too name a few.

The performance engines on power boats have a high horsepower in order to obtain the excessive speeds that they are looking for. They are finely tuned for maximum efficiency and speed.

If you have ever had the opportunity to see a power boat race in person you know first hand that these boats are finely crafted and are designed for extreme speed. Just watching them effortlessly skim over the surface of the water is proof of that.

If you ever decide to participate in power boating yourself it is critical that you understand the capabilities of your boat. Power boating can be an addictive thrill, but it can also be dangerous. Traveling at such high speeds and with the boat lifted out of the water so much because of it’s aerodynamic design one slight mishap could easily cause an accident.

Power boating is fun and exciting. Whether you are just a spectator or an avid boater it will be a thrill a minute. You do not need to be into racing to enjoy power boats. There are many models that have been designed specifically for family recreational use. Just visit some of the popular boating spots in your area and you will be sure to see a variety of different power boats buzzing around the water. Stay too long and watch and you just might catch the fever yourself.